Bronze, Crystal & Light Box  22″ x 14″ x 11″

Limited edition of 8

This man has come to self – realization of an errant belief that our earth is endless in its giving and beauty. Remorseful, he pleads for forgiveness from Mother Earth. He cannot be absolved, but Forgiveness heals and restores all.

It was during the BP oil disaster that brought to the surface once again, how poorly we treat Mother Nature and how much we take for granted her many gifts. We as humanity seem to have this almost insane belief that these gifts and resources are unlimited – and that these provisions of nature can be used, abused and dominated without significant consequence lasting for generations.

In this sculpture I named Forgiveness – a man has come to the self-realization of his participation in this arrant belief and of his disrespectful treatment of earth. He is filled with sorrow along with a genuine shame. This has led to a deep feeling of remorse and is asking for forgiveness of mother earth.

Mother Nature has had an eternal patience and understanding, much as a loving mother would have with an adolescent child growing into adulthood. But all patience has its limits. This man knows he has ‘crossed the line’ too many times and the results of his actions have become all too apparent. The forgiveness he is asking for is neither to condone nor absolve his past behavior. But somehow he has deep within him knowledge of the true power that resides in forgiveness – a power that in its very nature will result in a positive shift and change.

This is the forgiveness he seeks – a forgiveness that will be granted.

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