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Karen Cauvin Eustis

3217 DeSoto St
New Orleans, LA 70119


(504) 722-1711


Karen Cauvin Eustis with The Guardian

Art Voices, Salon d’Automne, Arthur Silverman Studios, New Orleans

“Photographer Les Schmidt, sculptor, Karen Cauvin Eustis, and painter Kayleigh Maier have perhaps the best series of work in the show. For Schmidt and Eustis art is a second career… A mortgage banker before she became a figurative sculptor, Eustis produces astonishing cast bronze sculptures exploring universal themes—joy and sorrow, wildness and divine connectedness—through the prism of womanhood. Displaying deft technical sophistication and great skills at classical composition, her work on display (Wind, Earth and Warrior) uncannily conveys large themed emotions with subtle human scale nuance.”

Cynthia Lategan, Ph.D., CCH, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Karen’s sculpture is fired by her love and passion for life and people, living life to its fullest and engaging every fiber of her being with those she loves; Karen’s sculpture is fired by her inner delving into the essence of beauty and love that lies within each human being. What manifests from Karen’s inspiration, passion, and inner quest is a truly magical body of artwork.”

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